Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Holiday Gread Ornament.

The holidays are here and this years ornament is my first figure, the Gread. Cast in resin and foam, these are super light in weight. More so than last years ornament. They are painted with metallic colors and are layered with glitter. Don't worry though, there's at least three layers of clear on each one so the glitter shouldn't go anywhere.

These will be available in 4 colors, red and green as pictured above, and silver and gold. 

This years ornament is set to release this Friday, December 14th at 5pm est and will be available through Sunday, December 16th

They'll be $15 each. I will also make sets of all four colors available for $50 so anyone wanting a set will save $10.

Like last year, I'm shooting to have all orders delivered by Dec. 24th but it's possible they all won't make it on time. Just want to mention that before the sale.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! 15% OFF BLACKFRIDAY!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. There is a lot dropping tomorrow. So instead of a release, I decided to just put my entire store on sale. Starting at 12:01AM Friday, just use coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY" to get 15% of ANYTHING in the Dead Hand Toys store. Don't sleep though, the code is only good until 11:59PM Friday night!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Release - October 30th

For Halloween this year, I'll be releasing a whole bunch of stuff. I'm especially excited about this release because I've decided to bring back my original Teuth figure.

First up are two, one of a kind, bone filled Funguhs figures. One with bloody bones and one sitting in a pool of blood.

Next is a bone filled, orange tint Teuth which is also one of a kind.

On the opposite side, there's the 3 color resin, candy corn Teuth. While not one of a kind, these will be very limited with also.

Lastly, we have the orange Teuth and the Bone Gread. These are the most common of this release, While they won't be available for very long, there won't be a limit while they are up. Make sure to keep an eye on the store and the blog, there may be some other surprises thrown in also. Prices are below.

Bone Filled Funguhs - $20
Bone Filled Teuth - $25
Candy Corn Teuth - $25
Orange Teuth - $20
Bone Gread - $15

This release takes place on Tuesday, October 30th at 9PM EST in the Dead Hand Toys Store.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dead Hand Toys T-Shirts

I recently got in my first order of Dead Hand Toy t-shirts.They are printed with discharge inks on Next Level fitted tees. Designed by Brian VDP, I'm really happy with how they turned out. They're available now for $18 each in the STORE.

Dream in Plastic Non-Con Sale

This post is extremely past due, but better late than never. This year, Dream in Plastic, a toy store based in Beacon, NY, decided to do they're own Non-Con sale. The sale went live last weekend and includes custom toys and resin pieces from a bunch of artists.
For this sale, I made five one of a kind fluorescent Funguhs figures. Cast in pink, orange, green, blue, purple and cleared with Monster Kolor. All of these are super bright in direct sunlight. Priced at $20 each, bagged with a header card.
I'm not sure which are left so head over to Dream In Plastic and check out the sale and everything they have.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NYCC 2012

It's that time again. New York Comic Con is here already. This year, I'm lucky enough to have some of my stuff on sale at none other than Tenacious Toys booth, #3121.

For NYCC '12, I returned to my earliest figure, the Gread. I did two brand new colorways, 10 pieces of each figure. Both clear resin, painted with Monster Kolor. Next up, I painted up two, one of a kind 7" Teuth figures, again both painted with Monster Kolor. These pictures really don't do any these figures justice. Especially the black Teuth. It looks solid black until you get it under a good light source, then the pearls in it really pop. Anyway, last up, I will have bunch of Gread keychains with me all weekend, green GID and a lot of random colors. You'll have to find me if you want one of those.

You also need to head over to Tenacious Toys blog and check out the MASSIVE amount of toys and art that will be at booth #3121. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Resin is King Series 2

Well, it's just about here. Resin Is King Series 2 releases on Thursday, October 4th at KRNY, 6pm - 8pm. Boxes will run $25 each. We'll also have full sets of 16 available in which you are guaranteed one piece from each artist. Like Series 1, there is a golden ticket floating around in one of the boxes. Find it, and you'll receive a special figure from Argonaut Resins!

Something else we'll have is 5 limited edition prints created by 5 RIK artists to be sold exclusively at the  release party. Each 8" x 10" print is limited to just 10 pieces and will cost $20 each.

Below are some of the figures from Series 2. I'm extremely happy with they way this series turned out and hope you all like it as much as I do.

 "Tenacious Toys in conjunction with Dead Hand Toys announces Resin is King Series 2: a blind-boxed resin mini figure series featuring the sculptural resin work of 16 artists! Each artist was asked to develop a new sub-3" resin sculpt and submit 10 pieces to the series using that sculpt. With 160 pieces in Series 2, this promises to be a much bigger release than Series 1.

We even worked with our good friend Lisa at Kidrobot: the KRNY store will host the Resin is King Series 2 release party on October 4th from 6-8pm! Many of the artists will be there in person to sign their pieces, and there will be exclusive and highly-limited prints by some of the artists available for purchase. Blind boxes and full, sealed 16-pieces cases/sets of the RIKS2 BBs will also be available, and we'll be hiding a Golden Ticket in one of those blind boxes that will get the lucky winner a sweet prize from Argonaut Resins! On October 5th, any leftover Resin is King Series 2 blind boxes will be put up for sale online at"

  • Brian Ahlbeck (Dead Hand Toys)
  • Dave Bondi
  • Rich Page (UME Toys) 
  • NEMO & OsirisOrion (Bad Applez Inc.)
  • Jay222
  • Motorbot
  • Matt A*
  • Argonaut Resins
  • Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire)
  • Kilroy III (Kilroy's Attic)
  • Kris Dulfer (KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES)
  • JC Rivera
  • Christopher Moore (We Become Monsters)
  • Vanessa Ramirez
  • Scott Kinnebrew (Forces of Dorkness)
  • Tim Stephson

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Green Series, Releasing this Thursday at 12pm

It's been a while but I finally have my next set ready to release. This time around, I didn't do a run of a single colorway. Instead, I've got 24, all green, but different variations. Some are the same or similar, but most are one offs.

These will be releasing this Thursday, August 30th at 12pm EST. They will run $25.00 each and come bagged with a header. Keep an eye on the STORE as I'll be loading it up over the next two days. The picture up top is only a sample of whats available.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Funguhs Custom Series 1 - Friday, July 6th

A couple days ago I posted about some stuff I am going to have at SDCC this year. Well I also wanted to do something for everyone that's not going to make it to SDCC. So releasing this Friday at 12pm EST, I've got 6 one of a kind Funguhs figures. $20 each, bagged with a header card. Hope you all like them as they are pretty different from what I've been doing.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SDCC 2012 Dragatomi Exclusive Funguhs and Gread Key Chains

This year, instead of just carrying my toys around with me at comic-con, Dragatomi has been nice enough to add some of my figures to the huge list of things they will have this year at SDCC. Go see them and everything else they'll have HERE.

I'll have six figures all together, each one different. Painted and cleared with Monster Kolor so the pictures really don't do the colors justice.

These will be $25 each and come bagged with a header card. Available starting preview night. San Diego Comic Con runs Wednesday, July 11th through Sunday, July 15th.

Also at the Dragatomi booth, I'll have 15 one of a kind painted Gread Key Chains. $5.00 each.

And keep an eye out, I'll be posting SDCC stuff soon. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dream in Plastic - Cusotm Toy Show

On Saturday, June 9th, Dream in Plastic will be holding their 3rd custom toy show. Opening reception runs from 6pm  - 10pm.

For this show, instead of customizing a toy I custom painted one of my own 7" Teuth figures to submit. the piece will be for sale at the show and I believe it will be put up on their website afterwards.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Resin Is King Series 1 Reveal

I'm happy to finally be able to talk about this. It's been in the works for a while now.

Resin is King is a blind-box resin series put together by Tenacious Toys and myself. For this series, we got a great list of artists together to be involved in this project. Here are the artists featured in series 1...

Each artist created a brand new figure for this series, and just like the majority of resin out there, each piece is cast and painted by hand. Because of this, no two pieces will be identical. Trying to keep everything somewhat uniform, all of the pieces are roughly 2.75" tall.

Blind boxes are priced at $25 each and include one random figure, a ratio card and a sticker. On top of all that, there is also one Golden Ticket floating around in one of these boxes. The prize is one of my new 7" Teuth figures in a one of a kind colorway. Whoever finds the Golden Ticket, just follow the directions on it, its that easy.

All the pieces look great and I'm really excited to see what everyone else thinks of the series.

Golden Ticket Teuth

Release date is Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 8pm EST at the following link:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweet Teuth #6 - Rainbow Twist

Licorice Starlight

These will be released April 22nd, the day after the Candy-Coated Custom Show, over at Tenacious Toys

These are 7" hand cast resin figures with candy embedded in them. There are six one of a kind figures in total. Price will be $100 each.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Candy Coated Custom Show "Sweet Teuth"

 I recently finished my piece for the Candy Coated Custom Show which is being put on by Tenacious Toys. The show takes place on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at The London Candy Company, 1442 Lexington Ave, New York, NY.

My "Teuth" figure, re-sculpted at 7" tall and filled with candy. This will be one in a series of six candy filled, resin casts. Each one different. Over the course of the week, I'll slowly reveal the other five figures in the series. Pricing on them will be $100 each.

I'm really happy with how these turned out, hope you all like them.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Resin is King - Series 1

I've been working with Tenacious Toys for a while now on a resin blind-box series. The time is nearing for the release so here's another teaser image. The artists involved are Dave Bondi, Rich Page, Bad Applez Inc, Jay222, Motorbot, Matt A* and myself.

Release info coming soon!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rsin x Dead Hand Toys

Ok, so here it is. We only posted this photo yesterday, but it seems a lot of you have been wondering when these will go on sale.

Quickly, I just want to say that Rsin did a great job on these. I've been a fan of his stuff for a while and super happy with how these turned out.

Anyway, here's the info. These will be releasing on Tuesday, March 27th at noon est. If you want one, be ready at noon because these will probably go very quickly. Priced at $20 each + $3 shipping, bagged with a header card.

Limit 1 piece per person. Multiple purchases will be canceled and refunded.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gread Key Chains - More Colors Added to the Store!! 40 in total! Full List..

**UPDATE** I added another 23 colors to the store today. There are now 40 options available!

-St. Patrick's Day Green (Only available until March 17th)
-St. Patrick's Day White (Only available until March 17th)

-Dark Red
-Lime Green
-Light Blue

-Clear Tint Black
-Clear Tint Red
-Clear Tint Orange
-Clear Tint Yellow
-Clear Tint Lime Green
-Clear Tint Green
-Clear Tint Teal
-Clear Tint Blue
-Clear Tint Purple

-Fluorescent Blue
-Fluorescent Orange
-Fluorescent Pink
-Fluorescent Purple
-Fluorescent Yellow
-Fluorescent Green
-Fluorescent Lime Green
-Fluorescent Teal

-Glitter Fluorescent Blue
-Glitter Fluorescent Orange
-Glitter Fluorescent Pink
-Glitter Fluorescent Purple
-Glitter Fluorescent Yellow
-Glitter Fluorescent Green
-Glitter Fluorescent Lime Green
-Glitter Fluorescent Teal


Hey everyone.

New this month are these Gread Key Chains. This is my first time doing anything like this and I am really happy with them. Now, for the most part, these will not be limited in any way. I'll occasionally have certain ones up for only a limited amount of time, like the two St. Patrick's Day colors that are currently in the store. They will only be available through March 17th, but like I said, most colors will always be around, so you don't have to worry about them selling out for good.

This first release consists of fluorescent, glitter fluorescent, blue GID and the special St. Patrick's Day versions. All the fluorescent will be open runs so they won't be going anywhere. There is only a handful of the GIDs available right now but if they do end up selling out I will re stock them as soon as possible. As I stated earlier, the St. Patrick's colors will only be available until March 17th.

All key chains are $5.00 each + $2.00 flat shipping in the US and are available now in the Dead Hand Toys Store.

Be sure to check back often because I will be adding a lot more colors very soon.



Saturday, March 3, 2012

Secret Project Teaser!!

I'm really late on this, but a couple of weeks ago, Benny of Tenacious Toys posted up this teaser image of a mysterious piece by Rich Page of Ume Toys. This piece is for a project Benny and I are working on. That's all you get for now but more info will be available soon.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mailing List!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've decided to start up a mailing list. I figured I'd try it out and see how it goes. Sign up to stay up to date on everything that goes on here and to find out about new toys and projects. I'm looking to get out at least newsletters a month. Maybe I'll even do some cool stuff just for mailing list people.

You can sign up here.... Dead Hand Toys Mailing List!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Slime" Greads - Release Tomorrow! Over 80 combinations.

As some of you may have already seen, I've been working on some new Gread figures. This time around, each figure will be sitting in a little pool of "slime". No paint, just resin. Pretty straight forward.

The sale, however, won't be like anything I've done before. For this particular release, the figures will be made to order. You will get to choose from at least a couple colors for the Gread, and several colors for the "slime". I have not decided on final colors yet so you will have to just come by on release day to find out what your options are. I could go with just a few colors for each, or I could get out of hand and give you way more choices than you really need.

**UPDATE - Color choices have been made and you will have over 80 color combinations to choose from. I hope that is enough for everyone.**

On to sale info and pricing, pre orders begin on Tuesday, Jan. 31st at noon EST. Price will be $20 each + flat $3 shipping in the US. Bagged with a header card as always.

*NOTE - Photos are of test figures only. As these will be made to order, I can't very well show finished products yet.*