Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Ornaments for 2011

I've had this idea floating around for a couple years now and though it was about time I went ahead with it. I wasn't sure what material but after a liter research I decided that foam would be the best choice. Obviously solid resin would be way too heavy and I wasn't crazy about the idea of roto casting them by hand.

Because these ornaments are cast in foam, they are very light weight and easy to hang. Depending on how these do, I'd like to make it something I do every year.

These are available starting now, through tomorrow (Sunday) night in the store. Two days only, then they are gone.

I didn't want to go overboard one the colorways for these so I only did two, fittingly enough, red and green.

Pricing is $15 each, plus $3.00 flat shipping in the states. They will come only bagged because if you buy one, I expect the packaging to be thrown away and the ornament hung somewhere.

For any that are sold, I'm hoping to be able to have them to they're destinations by Friday, Dec. 23, but there is the chance that they could be late. Just keep that in mind if ordering.