Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Holiday Gread Ornament.

The holidays are here and this years ornament is my first figure, the Gread. Cast in resin and foam, these are super light in weight. More so than last years ornament. They are painted with metallic colors and are layered with glitter. Don't worry though, there's at least three layers of clear on each one so the glitter shouldn't go anywhere.

These will be available in 4 colors, red and green as pictured above, and silver and gold. 

This years ornament is set to release this Friday, December 14th at 5pm est and will be available through Sunday, December 16th

They'll be $15 each. I will also make sets of all four colors available for $50 so anyone wanting a set will save $10.

Like last year, I'm shooting to have all orders delivered by Dec. 24th but it's possible they all won't make it on time. Just want to mention that before the sale.