Monday, May 3, 2010


I want to introduce the first figure under the Dead Hand name, Gread (pronounced Greed). Gread is a small, slow swamp dweller. His three large eyes are very good for seeing in the dark swamp water, which is about all he can do. His lack of limbs makes it very hard to get around.

This is a hand cast and painted resin mini figure. He stands at 1" by 1.5" round. The first two color ways go on sale HERE Friday, May 7th at 12pm Eastern time for $10 each. Five of each. They come packaged bagged with a header card. More info and pictures soon.

First run of Greads are now sold out. Thanks to everyone that bought one or helped get the word out about them! Be on the lookout for new colorways!


  1. What an absolutely fantastic creature design!!! I saw these guys spotlighted on Phil Reed's Battlegrip website and had to take a look for myself. Best of luck with these-- I'm sure they'll disappear like magic! Here's to many more awesome critters!

  2. Thanks, I didn't even know about it being up there.

  3. Phil's like a ninja... you never see him coming and then BLAMMO!!! People start seeing your stuff on his site!